Fire prevention, detection and protection tools are indispensable components of the security system in any installation, allowing you to be prepared for a possible incident and so avoid losses.

With CONVI you can depend on a specialist in fire systems installations with expert knowledge in fire prevention and suppression, as well as signposting and equipment maintenance for the greatest insurance against fires.

Detection systems: to give immediate warning of the existence of a fire, reducing its possible effects and avoiding its further development, and facilitating the suppression of the fire.

Signposting systems and maintenance of fire fighting systems: Posters, luminous indicators, sirens or evacuation plans are some of the components that will ensure that your service users and installations are well-protected in accordance with the law.

Fire suppression systems: These will permit us to control an outbreak of fire, avoiding costly losses. We can differentiate between manual and automatic systems, and in any case we will analyse how we can offer you the best balance between security, functionality, and value for your installations.

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